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The Mindful Clean Plate ®


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The Mindful Clean Plate is a 4 hour training workshop that is an interactive, educational experience for Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Personal Fitness Trainers, Yoga Teachers, or Massage Therapists. Host me, Danielle Fryer, to learn more about the ever-evolving nutrition landscape. My intention is to help you work smarter, not harder, when formulating success driven, practical nutrition menus. I include design blueprints, Eastern and Western science methodologies, and eating behavior transformation key points. My training will empower YOU to guide and celebrate your client's physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. You can impact the future of dietetics and the health of the nation – start making waves with Danielle Fryer, and The Mindful Clean Plate!

For booking contact Danielle at 908.894.8700


Trademarked & Copyrighted in 2013. The Mindful Clean Plate is a nutrition program for mindful, clean, and healthy eating. The client is the author and the Dietitian is editor of this behavioral and science focused nutrition program. This journal blueprint method allows for an on-going relationship between the client the Dietitian. The Mindful Clean Plate provides a platform for understanding, accounting, and exploring food choices, and social food behaviors.

I have taken all my expertise as a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, accomplished athlete, and Elite Fitness Trainer and wrapped it up into one powerful tool for Americans to evolve healthy and strong!

Next Stop, Birmingham, Alabama!


Silver Linings, llc presents

The Mindful Clean Plate

An Insight into Mediation, Yoga, and Nutritional Healing.

Saturday, January 4 @ 8:30am-1pm.

Develop and expand your understanding of mindful nutrition, eating for energy, and/or weight reduction. Learn an evidenced-based nutritional therapy based on whole-systems medicine. This immersion experience offers training focused on both the science and art of nutrition, and includes both didactic and experiential learning. Ideal for anyone who wants to explore the approach of intuitive nutrition in an environment that supports self-care.

  • How to create your personalized nutrition plan. Each participant will receive a copy of The Mindful Clean Plate©
  • How changes in agriculture and the environment have impacted human health
  • Popular approaches to nutrition today and evidence behind them
  • Core clinical imbalances and their relation to common chronic diseases
  • Integrative approaches to nutrition; including a nutrition-focused physical
  • Identify the specific anaerobic and oxidative processes involved in the conversion of food to energy
  • The most influential dietary characteristics as they affect metabolism
  • The role of specific nutrients in the health of physiological systems
  • How to use whole foods and dietary supplements therapeutically
  • Mindful eating training and practice
  • Benefits of integrating nutrition with yoga, massage, and other mind-body practices.

Silver Linings is pleased to offer this workshop taught by Registered Dietitian, Elite Fitness Trainer, Yoga teacher, and founder of Metamorphosis Fitness & Nutrition, llc, Danielle Fryer, RD, CSSD, CFT and Author of The Mindful Clean Plate.

· Enrollment is necessary.

· Please email or call soon as space is limited.

· Fee $99/person due upon enrollment.

April Jones, LMT/NMT/MMP This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 205.401.5010.

Hosted by Silver Linings, llc. ~1805-11th Ave. South~ Birmingham, AL~

*Participants are asked to pack a lunch that also includes his/her favorite edible treat. There is NO Judgment on what you choose to bring! This 'treat' is apart of the mindful eating training exercise. Also, bring plenty of water, as we will be mindful to be well hydrated while we learn. Bring your Yoga mat and any other cushions you desire to make yourself comfortable, as we will be sitting on the floor.


I want to bring Mindful Nutrition teachings to a city near you!  Contact me for booking. 908.894.8700


Registered Dietitian/Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

Performance Nutrition. Who Delivers? Watch this short You Tube video that highlights the role of a CSSD

Updated list of the USA Sports Dietitians. Know your professionals with the right credentials! (RDN CSSD)

Danielle Fryer provides personalized nutrition services for athletes, teams, children, adolescents, and adults. Each online nutrition plan or Live Seminar/workshop is customized to fit the individual's or team's goals.

Performance~Sports & Fitness~Healthy & Active Lifestyle~Weight Management

• Small Group or Family Nutrition Counseling
• Sports Team Nutrition Counseling & Workshops
• Medical Nutrition Therapy
• Individual Nutrition Assessment
• Online Nutrition Counseling
• Phone Nutrition Consults


  • Healthy Living with Diabetes
  • Weight loss/Increased ALIVENESS
  • Eating Disorders (Emotional Eating, Bulimia, Anorexia, Overeating, etc)
  • Healthy Diet Overhaul. Overcoming all the misinformation and Fads!
  • Age Defying Nutrition
  • Sports Performance Nutrition
  • Active Lifestyle
  • Senior Nutrition
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoporosis
  • LYME Disease
  • Celiac Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle and Sports Performance
  • Raw Diet and Juicing
  • Detox

Individual and Team Performance Nutrition experience in the following:

  • Cycling
  • Pole Vaulting
  • Golf
  • Horseback Riding
  • Tennis
  • Softball
  • Skiing
  • Running (short and long distance)
  • Swimming (currently serve Somerset Valley YMCA Swim Team)
  • Fitness America Pageants & Physique competitions
  • Strength Training, Weight Training & Bodybuilding
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Wrestling
  • Duathalons/Triathlons
  • Gymnastics & Cheer leading
  • Yoga/AcroYoga
  • Mud Runs (Warrior Dash, Savage Race, & Tough Mudders)
  • Mountain Biking, Climbing, Hiking
  • Police & Law Enforcement
  • Roller Derby
  • Ballet

Danielle is available to work with you anywhere in North America. Please call for booking a live workshop or online services. She offers fitness and sports performance and lifestyle change nutrition training plans for all levels of fitness enthusiasts and athletes in most sports.

"BRING IT Plan" $299 a month (Fitness AND Nutrition)

  • A custom designed individual Strength Training Plan based on athlete’s goals and fitness level

  • A custom designed individual Performance Nutrition Plan based on athlete's goals and training plan.

  • Exercise testing of training and nutrition analysis of fueling progress

  • Specific training advice to improve areas

  • An Evolution Nutrition account for use in distributing your fueling and training plan

  • Weekly fueling plans and workout schedules sent using Evolution Nutrition

  • Weekly Athlete to Trainer communication by email as needed and by phone or Skype

"DO IT TO IT Plan" $199 a month (Fitness OR Nutrition only)

  • A custom designed individual Strength Training Plan OR Performance Nutrition Plan based on athlete’s goals and fitness level

  • Specific training advice to improve areas

  • An Evolution Nutrition account for use in distributing your fueling or training plan
  • Weekly fueling plans or workout schedules sent using Evolution Nutrition

  • Weekly Athlete to Trainer communication by email as needed and by phone or Skype






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